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Initial Physio Consultation

At your first session your condition will be assessed by an experienced physiotherapist. A diagnosis will then be made and explained to you so that you fully understand the problems that you are experiencing.  A treatment plan will be developed that takes into account your lifestyle, leisure activities and general health. You will be given an estimated length of treatment required and the proposed outcome of treatment and rehabilitation plan.

The first session usually lasts 1 hour and subsequent treatments are also 1 hours depending on injury.

Follow up Consultation

After your initial consultation, subsequent consultations are 1 hour, one-on-one follow-up sessions with your physiotherapist for review of your recovery. Together, we’ll assess your progress and administer the necessary hands-on treatment, ensuring you maintain the best rehabilitation plan for your recovery.


Initial Private Visit (1hr) $153.16
Subsequent Private Visit (1hr) $153.16


ACC surcharge Initial Assessment (1hr) $84.00

(Includes a thorough assessment of the body, explanation of diagnosis, treatment plan, and treatment).

Referrals for investigations or specialist opinion if required.


ACC surcharge Follow Ups (1hr) $84.00

(Includes a combination of treatments suited to alleviate symptoms and correct dysfunctions – Hands on Treatment, Rehabilitation, Pilates, Stretching, Massage). Our focus is on QUALITY of treatment!


If you have had an accident or get injured, ACC helps pay for your Physiotherapy treatment. An accident  is defined as a sudden event, so you need  be able to name the time and place of injury.


How to make an ACC claim:
Step 1: Visit your Physiotherapist

Step 2: Fill out the ACC45 claim form  with your Physiotherapist

Step 3: Your Physiotherapist sends the form to ACC for processing

Step 4: ACC will contact you about your claim to let you know if it has been accepted or declined

COVID-19: Physio4all is open for face to face appointments, under strict health & safety protocols.
Our priority is keeping our staff & clients safe.
ALL of our staff are fully vaccinated and the clinic encourages all patient’s to be fully vaccinated.

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