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Physio & Massage Therapy
Takapuna & Browns Bay Locations
021 2566215
Sports & Physio therapy

Physio and sports physiotherapy can reduce inflammation and pain. We will mobilise joints and stretch & strengthen appropriate muscles.

We have a keen interest in treating Sporting Injuries, but specialise specifically in racket sports injuries which can range from rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow to patella tendonopathy.


Physiotherapy can stabilise injuries and get you back doing the things you love quicker. Physio4all can assist with fracture rehabilitation and offer post surgery treatments.

ACC Physio assessments 

includes a thorough assessment of the body, explanation of diagnosis, treatment plan, and treatment.

Referrals for investigations or specialist opinion if required.


Physio4all offers the following massage treatments:

Deep tissue massage aims to reach deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, aiming to help manage pain and increase range of movement.

Soft tissue massage is a good way to relax muscles.

Sports massage helps you recover more quickly to get back to your game.

All massages relieve muscle tension, and promote blood circulation.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a treatment modality where an acupuncture needle is inserted into a myofascial trigger point, in trained hands it is an effective and safe technique for the treatment of myofascial pain and dysfunction. 

The purpose of dry needling trigger points is to desensitize these trigger points, promote healing and enhance the production of endorphins.

Therapy Sessions
Physio and Massage therapy
in Takapuna & Brownsbay

If you are looking for a Physio on the North Shore, we are highly experienced and qualified physiotherapists with two locations; at the Takapuna Squash Club & Browns Bay Raquet Club.

We offer: Physio and Sports Physiotherapy, ACC physio, Massage Therapy, Dry needling physio and Rehabilitation.

With over 15 Years of experience – you are guaranteed treatment from highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists who are dedicated to providing the highest standard of treatment and individualised care. We treat complex lumbar, pelvis and cervical problems, shoulder and elbow injuries, hip and knee injuries and replacements, tendinopathies and all soft tissue injuries. We also provide dry needling physio and massage therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Give us a call or book your next appointment through our online booking system, we are looking forward to helping you with your recovery.

Joanne Hornsby
Owner Physio4all

I have treated many athletes, including working closely with UK athletics as well as professional rugby league and squash players. I am particularly passionate about working closely with children- advising of good posture and providing screening assessments and strengthening programs for them.

My special interests incorporate squash and tennis injuries, complex lumbar, pelvis and cervical problems, shoulder injuries, management of hip and knee injuries & replacements, tendinopathies and all soft tissue injuries. 

2 Locations on the North Shore in Auckland
Takapuna & Browns Bay clinics


Joanne is an exceptional physiotherapist. She is an excellent communicator and has empathy for your injuries. In addition, she has great knowledge and understanding on how to treat the body. Her hands on approach with massage treatment is intense and effective. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a wonderful practitioner.

Maureen Legge


Physio4all is a member of PNZ (Physiotherapy New Zealand) PNZ is the national membership organisation for physiotherapists and physiotherapy students, providing over 4,000 members with advocacy, education, information and services.

COVID-19: Physio4all is open for face to face appointments, under strict health & safety protocols.
Our priority is keeping our staff & clients safe.
ALL of our staff are fully vaccinated and the clinic encourages all patient’s to be fully vaccinated.

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